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Commercial project done for Galiderm, an anti-aging cosmetic skincare treatment. Filmed and edited by Janey North and I, Nadeen Ali. Created for an Ohio University Scripps program 2017.
Our process began with concept. We researched the top anti-aging creams and created a file of our favorite and most appealing ones. We sent those files over to our parents and a few of their friends and asked them to choose their favorites. Once we went through, we screenshotted the best scenes and started brainstorming ways we could recreate our own version. We wanted to create a smooth, soft and clean feel to the video. With very limited resources, we decided to go to the dollar store and pick out everything and anything that reminded us of baby-soft skin. We bought items from feathers to baby powder. We asked one of our good friends to be our model and we spent a day filming and playing around with the items we bought. We then broke apart and looked through every video, selecting the ones we captured best. Lastly, we put in equal effort to learn how to create the effects used in our focus group's favorite commercials with our own twist. We're proud of what we have created with limited resources and time.